Medieval Mining Areas

In Sweden there are about twenty different areas were mining and the production of metal has taken place during early medieval days. Read more on medieval mining areas.

The Norberg Mining Area

Thanks to inventory and other examinations archaeologists know that during that period Lapphyttan was in use, there was a large number of similar blast furnace plants also at work in the Norberg region. Read more on the Norberg mining area.

Lapphyttan – A Medieval Blast Furnace Site

The entire open area, seen when visiting Lapphyttan has been the grounds of a blast furnace plant, used to produce iron during the 12th, 13th and 14th century. Read more about Lapphyttan, medieval blast furnace site.

Medieval Places to Visit

In the Norberg mining area, there are a lot of blast furnace sites, and many of them are medieval.

Read more about medieval places to visit.

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