masugnen vid utgrävningen

The entire open area, seen when visiting Lapphyttan has been the grounds of a blast furnace plant, used to produce iron during the 12th, 13th and 14th century. On the bank of the small stream are the ruins of a blast furnace and on the site there are about ten different remains of refining iron, blacksmith work, stable, living quarters and storing areas. During the decades 1970 and -80 a large-scale archaeological examination of Lapphyttan was done. The entire site was examined and the archaeologists found traces of all different phases of iron production involved.

The area now is sign posted, to help you get a view of how it once looked. That kind of view you can also get by visiting the Lapphyttan reconstruction, Nya Lapphyttan in Norberg. (Map)

Here you can find Lapphyttan. (Map)

Here you can download folders about Lapphyttan and other sites to visit in the Norberg municipality.

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