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During summer iron making will take place at Nya Lapphyttan for one or two weeks. At that time the place is filled with life and activity – 24 hours a day. The iron production work is done as non-profitable labour by members of the association Föreningen Järnet på Lapphyttan.  They are all idealists, bus some of them are scholars, archaeologists, metallurgists or historians. Others participate from interest and curiosity. Every year new  “furnace hands” participate to try out medieval iron making. Every year, some of them will join as members of the association and will often be seen returning to Nya Lapphyttan.    

Annually Nya Lapphyttan in partnership with the association Föreningen Järnet på Lapphyttan and the Historical Metallurgy group at Jernkontoret - the Swedish Steel Producers’ Association arranges a seminar. There, scientist will present up to date scientific findings an ongoing examinations concerning metal history and historical metal production.

Information concerning this year´s iron making and seminar, you will find under the tag Opening hours & Prices.

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